When I was aged four I began kayaking, and soon after it became my life long obsession. For years I used plastic kayaks, but there was always something more, that ‘next step…’  me 1The Composite Kayak. Lighter, stiffer, stronger, better performing, I got my first when i was just twelve years old! ‘Santa’ brought me my Mega Prowler, and since then I never looked back.

Over the years, I have had over 100 composite kayaks, and watching the progressing of the constructions and designs drew my interest, and led to me becoming interested in how they were made. site 1

Having been to visit the Mega factory a few times over 2006 + 2007; in 2008 I went to Bude, in Cornwall to work for Mega Surf kayaks for a week between kayaking competitions. Its safe to say from then, I got the bug!

November 2009, saw me leaving my job as a fabrication welder, and going to work for Mega as an apprentice for a month…Which turned into five years! Working along side men, who had over a generation of experience between them on a daily basis, was to say the least, an Education! I learnt so much… I learnt my trade

I was fortunate, being in a position to construct, test, analyse + progress the constructions and designs in the development of the kayaks, which lead to me designing, making and winning the surf kayak world championships in 2011… A boat I hand crafted!

After being a partner in Mega for 2 years, I decided to leave and pursue a career in coaching… But this was short lived, as my passion for composites, crafting, creating championship winning, and lifestyle defining ‘Toys’ drew me back to the workshop.

2014 saw the founding of Ride Surf Kayaks, and I was very fortunate to be offered a job. Ride_Logo-01This lead to me creating the constructions, manufacturing processes and setting up the production of these Championship Dominating kayaks.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working on lots of projects, from Skateboard ramps and car parts, to repairing anything from Bath Tubs, to Porsche car parts…spoiler

And this has led to me forming ‘Design Composites.’ So, if you need parts made, or repairs done, get in contact for honest, sound advice, and a Free Quote…

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