Land Rover Wing Mirror Covers

Land Rover Defender Wing Mirror Cover (pair) – £26.99

(£3.00 delivery)

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Design composites have now developed wing Mirror Covers for Land Rover Defenders

These covers are hand made in Wales using fibre glass, and come in a huge range of colours.

Gel coat – not painted. UV resistant

To ensure exact colour match, you can buy two mirror covers that you can paint in your chosen colour.

* easy fitting

* Low cost

* No need to remove mirror heads

* Strong composite construction

* Available in a range of colours

* Fits under existing mirror rubber

Made from Strong and durable composite materials that fit under the mirror rubber

These fit ALL standard 90/110 Defender Mirror Heads, they fit genuine Land Rover  Mirror head as supplied by Britax and non Britax branded mirror heads with stiffer rubber.

No sticky tape needed, just remove mirror retaining rubber offer mirror cover to mirror head and refit rubber retaining rubber.

Please note we find Genuine Mirror heads have a softer rubber so if you find your mirror rubber is stiff remove and warm up on a house radiator then refit mirror rubber you will find it is alot easier to refit.

These Mirror Covers will fit all standard wing mirrors

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